RU / Day 2 / 17:30 / Track 1

January 2018. Setting: Illya's own little outsourcing company. A small mistake in the code costs the client $600k, a sum which neither Illya nor (now) his client has.

While this episode didn't (thankfully) have a disastrous impact on the project or on the company as a whole, it did play a key role in Illya reconsidering his views on how a developer team should write reliable code.

In this talk, Illya will try to review the results brought by almost a year of research and selection of technologies and architectural solutions, all to make his team's code more reliable, as he sees it:

  • bad and "wrong" code should look wrong;
  • it should be easier for juniors (and not for them only) to write right code than wrong;
  • all that could be automated should be automated but without additional trouble.

Basically Illya will introduce his own subjective choice in the vast world of JS technologies and tell which pains are behind his choice and how it works.

Download presentation.

Illya Klymov

14 years of JS everywhere: from microcontrollers to rendering video in the cloud. More than 5 years of educational experience (at two universities and Illya's own courses), Ph.D. in Computer Science (field of interest: System Analysis and Theory of optimal decisions). Coach at Kottans.Org project. Owns and runs small outsourcing company WookieeLabs, specializing in JS-only solutions.