RU / Day 2 / 12:00 / Track 3

This talk is about pitfalls we fell into while moving our big app to C++ in browser.

We'll discuss:

  • the instruments and what they can do;
  • how to throw objects between JS and Wasm;
  • the problems you can face and how to solve them;
  • the things Wasm can and cannot do;
  • how to find C++ code in browser debugger;
  • how much faster than JS is Wasm.

Download presentation.

Andrey Nagikh

Started working with the web in the last century. Used to be a full stack developer for quite a long time. In 2013 switched to the frontend. Now develops peer-2-peer system of video delivery in the browser using Node.js, MSE, WebSocket, WebRTC and WebAssembly.