EN / День 1 / 12:00 / Зал 3

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Kamil — автор NestJS. Он расскажет про подкапотные вещи и основные концепции NestJS. Что может быть интереснее, чем детальный разбор интересной и популярной технологии от её автора?

When Node.js came up for the first time, it was considered as an outstanding revolution. After few years, the platform evolved substantially, albeit tooling wasn't good enough to compete with mature technologies from other languages. Nest has been formed to bring hope back by applying modern techniques and design patterns to the Node.js world. In this talk, Kamil will introduce Nest to you as well as show internals of the framework's key features.

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Kamil Myśliwiec

Kamil Myśliwiec is an enthusiastic software engineer truly passionate about the web technologies. Creator of NestJS, open source evangelist, currently working as a Full-Stack developer with variety of languages, mainly focused on the web-related things.