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Комментарий Программного комитета:

Michel является автором MobX и детально изучает проблему state management. Он поделится с нами свежим взглядом на эту столь непростую проблему.

Many battles have been fought over what is the best way to do state management. A gazillion of strategies and libraries are out there. So... it is time to take one step back.

Why is state management relevant in the first place? What problems does it solve? For example, many debates are about mutability or immutability. But Michel thinks that the more fundamental question to ask is: identities or values?

With these concepts in mind, we will take a look at several libraries and frameworks and recognize the patterns. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches. Finally, Michel will show that those concepts are highly interchangeable with a PoC that will blow your mind. Michel's goal is to enable you to reason about state on a far more fundamental level, resulting in better system design and earlier recognition of bugs.

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Michel Weststrate

Tech Lead and Open Source evangelist at Mendix. Speaker, blogger and author of MobX, MobX-state-tree, immer and several other libraries.